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"Anon:Libertarianism is not a reactionary position. It is a half-reactionary position infested with progressivism and loserism. but as long as libertarianism holds anarchy close to its heart, it cannot be reactionary."
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"Mir gefallen auch die BLACK PATENT BERKLEY T-STRAP SHOES von Michael Kors sehr gut und die würde ich mir auf jeden Fall von dem Gutschein kaufen!x Rose"
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"Here's how to sort the results by view. Go to Google Video (video.google.com), type your query and select "sort by popularity". You may need to add to the query site:youtube.com or just youtube, but most of the results are from YouTube anyway."
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"“Mug me.” There have been rare but unfortunate incidents at conventions where attendees have inadvisably wandered into unfamiliar territory. Very rare, but they’ve happened. Use common sense and travel in groups. And listen to the local organizers. One show I attended at a hotel in an old industrial area said pretty clearly in the program book: “Don’t leave the hotel — if you’re looking for more restaurants, here’s places to cab it to.” –John Jackson Miller"
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