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"Hi there,Thanks for sharing the circuit diagram to make the scalar LED torch light.But without a PCB, it difficult and messy to build a nice workable set. Would you be able to supply the PCB?Thanks"
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"Helena (mãe da Vick) disse:Olá pessoal, acho mesmo que a Helena tem razão….Melhor procurar nas lojinhas!!!!!!Aproveitem bastante o passeio em San Francisco e boa viagem para Standford!!! bjs"
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"This article highlights three of their top applications to help small business owners be more efficient and better manage their time. One of the biggest road blocks we find when on the road is not having access to contact information in our phones. The WriteThat.name app solves this problem."
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"I still remember the layout of Mr. Craig’s classroom and learning how to type without looking at the keyboard. Never quite conquered the numbers across the top without a few looks!! My husband is a “hunt and peck” guy when it comes to keyboarding and several times I have told him that he should have been in Mr. Craig’s class. Drives me crazy when I watch him keyboard!! In later years my parents became good friends to Helen and Emerson so I kept in contact with Mr. Craig. He will be missed. Please let Helen know I am thinking about her during this difficult time. Peace be with you all."
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