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"We are always happy to hear that our recipes bring back old memories. Sometimes we go for the Margarita because we love it. We thought of including the recipe: great dough, fresh tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, sea salt, and of course extra virgin olive oil. However, the post was already too long. Thank you very much."
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"Dear Jae,if you've never met a born-again Christian, you may want to look e.g. at these telling stories how various people met Jesus Christ for the first time.At any rate, I strongly urge you to avoid your breathtaking arrogance that can only be supported by your complete ignorance about religion.CheersLM"
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"A verdade poderíase pensar que un terremoto pode ocasionar outros movementos sísmicos, pero ó meu pensar creo que esto non de todo certo, porque se un terremoto poidera ocasionar outro movemento nun corto espazo de tempo poderíanse repetir e comunicar o movemento entre placas, e o meu parecer non creo que nun curto período de tempo duas placas se transmitiran o movemento tan rápido, ainda que é unha suposición."
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"Nice bunny rabbit faucet!Sadly, there are thousands of similar leaky faucets around the US that could use some of your repair help……tons of water and money being leaked out every day…..in a time when we have little water to go around….."
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