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"Khalkhin-Gol: La gran desconocida y decisiva batalla que definiría la Segunda Guerra Mundialwww.siberianlight.net/2008/01/21/khalkhin-gol-battle-nomonhan/ por tigre_siberiano hace pocos segundos"
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"I’m embarrassed to say I keep hearing ‘steampunk’ in writing circles and still don’t know what it means.My understood definition of urban fantasy is a world that looks like our world today, but with paranormal / supernatural things happening. If that’s what you mean when you say urban fantasy, then I suspect that kind of writing is going to stick around – but the paranormal influences will change and morph, perhaps into whatever this ‘steampunk’ is?Off to my google…"
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"I love sushi!I love natural hairI love good foodI love roller skatingI love my friendsI like menI like your music playlistI like learningI dislike ignoranceI hate being single"
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"In Arizona the law says that it is illegal to tattoo anyone under 14 years. It also says that to tattoo anyone anyone aged 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18 then the person’s legal guardian must be present. Anyone aged 19+ can get tattooed on their own.So most tattoo shops in Arizona should tattoo someone aged 16 as long as they are accompanied by their mother. You both will need to take ID though."
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