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"Can’t agree akn. If you look at social science evidence Australians are not conservative on life choices and relationships. Social attitudes have bugger all to do with politics."
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"Field,Very Very sad day. We lost our Blue Eye Soul Singer, Lady T, Teena Marie. She passed away today only 54 years old."
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"I have taken note that of all varieties of insurance, health insurance is the most marked by controversy because of the clash between the insurance coverage company’s duty to remain adrift and the customer’s need to have insurance policy. Insurance companies’ commissions on wellness plans have become low, thus some firms struggle to profit. Thanks for the tips you talk about through your blog."
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", reconstructions of human ancestors have in the past been subject to a bit more artistic freedom. In other words, we’ve assumed that Neandertals have been light skinned since they are found throughout Eurasia. But, we haven’t known for sure until recent advances in ancient DNA sequencing. We can now identify some more definitive traits without conjecture.Anyways, I appreciate the comment.Kambiz"
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