"Jan, if you're talking about what John R. would have become with a kinder more loving father I'm laughing (given his many successful careers already.) King? Chairman of the Universe? :)"
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"Quel a été le projet du dictateur ?Tuer, tuer, tuer.Torturer, torturer, torturer.Détruire, détruire, détruire.Exiler, exiler, exiler.Alors que le mot projet a, parmi ses multiples sens notamment implicites, celui de continuer la vie en y apportant des changements, des améliorations.Le sens unique que le dictateur a attribué à son projet est : LA MORT."
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"Learn to say no. It's stressful at first because many folks aren't comfortable with confrontation BUT it actually shows off your competence and confidence more than being overly agreeable. It's a great leadership trait and will yield more success in meeting or exceeding expectations with your clients and yourself. You've heard, “underpromise and over deliver” right? It's a hard lesson, like many valuable life lessons, but there's no other way to learn it than to live through it. You already recognize the problem so you're already there! :-)"
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"I've read a ton of Jane Green. The first one I read was Jemima J. which is really cute! I've read so many of her books, I can't even remember them all!"
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