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"Hi Abbie,Yes, provide a nest….they probably will not incubate the egg on the floor – might try awhile, as you describe, but egg needs constant incubation and they will be ill at ease w/o a nest.Enjoy and pl keep me posted, Frank"
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"woohoooo! moar Fairy Fail! thanks a lot you guys! and thanks for the early release as well =]too bad my connection is being extremely shit with my torrents =’[thanks again guys! =]"
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"Hey Eric – that’s AWESOME!! Glad to hear Philly is so vegan friendly. Portland has a couple vegan restaurants (Little Lad’s and Green Elephant) and we’ve found a place that does vegan pizza too (a rare treat). Speaking of comfort food, I created a recipe for the book — the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever eaten and they’re vegan. You won’t believe it!! Maybe I’ll have to share that one next..?"
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"Wow awsome post PPM !! Excellent camera work and great gusher!The poor guy was obviously in a lot ofpain, so I hope he got more than fried chicken & JD, but good medical work!"
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