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"I guess the question Søren “why it happens”, none can answer . There are things in life, they happens, I know it is a rational response, but we can’t explain it. Importantly is, “keeps it in memory” –>> as a friend, as team player, forget the word “why”, I know all this is hard"
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"hahah, whoa there, sparky.oliv liked egg yolks the past couple of times she had them (i think because i offered them first?), but last week, wanted nothing to do with them. i wish i could ask her what she really thinks -her tastes seem to change day to day and week to week- but oh yeah, she can’t talk."
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"I think the picture make it pretty clear why there is a new collet design. It’s so that tool changes only require a slide of that new switch up near the nose. In other words – no holding the shaft with a lock button and wrenching the collet open and closed."
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"These are beautiful books. I’ve taken to organizing my shelves by publisher lately, much like you describe. This probably means I’ll soon run out of shelf space, too."
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