"Looking for advice from someone who knows nutrition on fiber supplements, specifically FiberSure?Is using this the same as eating foods that contain fiber? I am trying to get the recommended 30-35 grams/day, but usually fall short (around 25 grams). I just want to make sure that it is not pointless to be taking this supplement. Thanks for any advice you can give:)"
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"Funny — how did you do that? I get how you replicated yourself, I mean, you obviously used a replicator machine, but then, how did one of you tilt sideways like that? That seems to defy physics. And which one is “you” you? I mean, which one is your new clone? And what did you do with him after the photo? And, have you seen The Prestige? I’m sure my line of thinking has nothing whatsoever to do with that movie."
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"My DBBL Account Name is “Rabbil Hasan”, But My MB profile Name is “Mr Rabbil Hasan”. My Birth Date is also difference at MB and DBBL. Have I face any problem when I connect My DBBL account with my MB account.Please give me this information"
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"Buon compleanno alla tua Polpetta! Io ho trascorso una giornata al mare col nipote 3enne, sono distrutta, ma non credo di aver mai amato tanto un essere così piccolo e biondo che chiede mille "perché" al secondo, ma ogni dieci minuti mi ripete "zia sei bellissima"! Buoni festeggiamenti!"
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