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"iTunes isn’t just a music store, its also a media player; you can play songs in it that you didn’t buy there. Open iTunes on your computerOn the File menu, click either:- Add file to library- Add folder to library- ImportThese should allow you to add your existing files on your computer (there is also an option to burn a CD to your computer, but I suggest using a different program); from your computer you can import into iTunes and transfer to the iPhone"
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"Quand j’avais 14 ans je me fesais un paquet par jour jusqua ce que j’ai eu des problemes respiratoires ça été tellement douloureux que sa faillit me couter la vie. C’est pourqoui j’aimerai que tout ceux qui fume essaye de se retenir afin d’éviter le pire!!!!"
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"When I first saw this game I was like “What the hell?”, but having read the tumblr and this article I have a strange, almost inexplicable desire to play this thing."
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"I went to the easy lunch boxes site and I would pack leftover burrito with the rice and salad all in seperate compartments and I can even pack some sour cream in it and it would not make the burrito soggy! These are so neat!hon5met@msn.com"
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