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"Made these last night – AMAZING!!!! I can’t get enough! and sooo happy to have a recipe that is dairy and egg free! You have no idea how badly I was craving Chinese (yes, I am pregnant) but I can’t eat out at a restaurant due to my food allergies. THANK- YOU for this recipe!!!!"
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"August, As a life long student of runners, I think Ritchey was on to something. His horse was very fit and tough but maybe he should have backed off the two a day workout routine as the Triple Crown approached. Maybe the lighter work load would have sharpened the colt.Just watched Dialed In win the Holy Bull. Very impressive."
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"Don’t forget to make sure your children are moving, too! I teach 8th grade, and I see first hand that many American children are overweight. Even obese. Make sure those kiddos get moving!"
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"I started my shop small, with only a 10K investment for the basic parts and supplies. I didnt take a paycheck my first year and reinvested that back into the business. I now have a nicer retail and repair shop with about 100K in inventory. the key is to not get your overhead, over your head."
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