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"Dear Mr. KennedySome of the replies were not as thoughtful as yours and were indeed censorious. We chose not to give exposure to such responses and thus removed all."
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"I’m not sure if I should be extremely happy or so jealous, but I have to say that your experience is inspiring. The only memories of Chicago that I have are the freezing rain, the unbearable cold-ass marches, and the late night beatings administered by my commanders. Fucking bootcamp. Stay up juggalette. Later.Trent"
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"Lol is it just me or does fot remind you of that one cocky little shit of? a friend you have, but even though their a right twat boss you about most the time you can’t help but like them a little bit."
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"I am a political junkie too, but one that just returned from such a thing as a benign choir practise, to find out about this event. Like Dockstader, I am so bloody disappointed in all things political —municipal, regional, provincial. federal. What a mess."
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