"And then they were gelded in '72 and uglified in '74. Mileage and charm dropped off accordingly. I miss my old '65 Mustang at times even though I couldn't keep a front end or a set of points in it. At least it was all easy to access. I like the idea of the "Counterfeit Cars" though. A '67 lime green 'Cuda with a modern day Hemi in it would be kinda cool, especially if it had brakes."
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"De fapt problema cu mirosul de usturoi, pentru cei pe care ii preocupa asta din diferite motive, e ca substantele din el isi fac partie prin tot organismul si asta face ca saliva, transpiratia si toate secretiile posibile sa isi schimbe mirosul. Deci te speli pe dinti cam degeaba, printre altele. Detaliile sunt in “Garlic breath explained: Why brushing your teeth won’t help”Gastroenterology, Volume 117, Issue 5, November 1999"
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"I sense hired provocateurs remember those 5 guy fawkes yesterday not forgeting the israeli gisner who was arrested for inciting ppl to riot during last years revolution. The zionist are planning something big so they can have uncle sam deal with both egypt and iran."
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"excellent !! moi j’aurai même fait sarkozy triste et fillon heureux aujourd’hui ! car c’est bien lui le grand gagnant aujourd’hui, après avoir été considéré comme viré par beaucoup, alors que sarko a dû changer tous ses plans à la dernière minute !!merci d’être de retour !"
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