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"I’ve gotten a tweet that bellboy has cancelled all his remaining shows. I guess we shall see at 3pm. If it’s true, at least he’s finally adapted to the listeners.Hot debate. What do you think? 6  4"
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""I think Steve has a case of 'yellow fever' which leads him to vastly overestimate the appeal of Asian women to white men."You guys are missing the point. Bamboo fever is not a big thing among the populace in general, but it has a certain cachet at places like elite universities. But there is also the bagel fever. Some people are attracted to successful/brainy/ambitious people. How else do you explain Robert Redford falling in love with Barbaric Streisand in WAY WE WERE?"
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"waaw, mirip banget ya! *kaget* makasih bgt infonya jadi penasaran terus browsing…ternyata adnya levi’s dibuat oleh advertising agency wielden+kennedy portland dan diluncurkan pertengahan 2010 lalu, resminya di bulan juli. sedangkan adnya nutrilon dibuat advertising agency colman-handoko dan diluncurkan sekitar november. jd gmn ya? hehe"
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""reliable-ish." Relatively speaking, they are reliable; the other stats are Fairy Land by comparison.Truth, would it shock you to learn that I've never referred to any one or group as "mud"? Not that I can recall anyway."
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