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"Hei kotona taas, itse olen varmasti monen mielestä täysin ”paatunut” ajattelutavaltani tämän asian suhteen. Hyväksyn sen, että ihminen voi tehdä hyvää toiselle tekemättä samalla pahaa toiselle .Nämä ovat kuitenkin niitä uskon asioihin verrattavia, joten tuskin jatkan aiheesta tämän enempää .sallyannsallyann"
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"Just my two cents, Michelle… but I’d caution you against giving any other entity that much control over your community. Use those tools to buld your community and to promote & further the discussion, but keep total control of your content by creating your own forum on your own domain using software like phpBB."
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"TimeWarp7 months, 4 days ago View full quote Hmm.. I know for a fact that the address above is simply a registered business address provided by CompaniesMadeSimple, and not an actual business address… Id be a bit wary, especially if I couldnt pay direct with credit card as you would have no protection whatsoever…+4"
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"[214][AG]If you are willing to pay for the knowledge, why would I do a play by play?BTW, I found that the tax geeks at this week’s meetings did not think my theories nearly as wingnuttish as some of you do."
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