"I love Oost’s smile and I felt sorry for him. And yes, Bubba doesn’t get cheated on ANY of his shots. If Lamar Odom had one-tenth of the demonstrated passion for basketball as Watson has for his sport…"
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"Francescodove mai c’è stato, nel “medioevo puro” , un senato di migliori (vabbè… nelle intenzioni…) elettivo e con durata limitata?Comunque mi piace (non perché sia d’accordo, tutt’altro- solo perché amo le diversità) il tuo uso di “medioevo” in senso positivo.A me il Medioevo ha sempre fatto cagare, ma è questione di gusti."
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"Hi Lisa,Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I know when it comes to bedtime I want answers NOW! Have you still been having the same problem? For the water, giving him a drink before lights out would be easiest. If it’s always he hears a sound you could ask him to be a detective and figure out what the noise was. Reporting to you in the morning instead of after bedtime. I hope this helps… I really hope you already had it worked out and are enjoying some lovely adult time!"
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"This definitely sounds like a book that I need to check out. I like books that glimpse into life even more than having a plot. Great review!"
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