"Es un modo divertido de presentar un pinchito y también de dosificar un poco lo que nos comemeos que no creas que en estas fechas no está nada mal.Muy apetitoso, te ha quedado fenomenal.un besito y felices fiestas"
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"Hi there I like your post “From 30,000 feet” so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Answer welcome. Greetings Kroatien"
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"10 years ago…I was having my last sad Christmas with the ex-husband. I was stifled and stuck and sick of it all. I was just beginning the journey to Me. Now? Still on that journey. Happy and alive and hopeful and blessed that I ended up here. I have not thought of that last Christmas of another lifetime in a long, long time. 10 years from now? Healthy, calmer, with a more organized home, more independent children, more time for my husband, and at least a handful of my writing published."
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"Sigh… peonies are my favorite flower… I had them in my garden when I live in Massachusetts, but they do not do well in the Texas climate. Your are fabulous!I love that wall color… it must be new because I cannot find it on the Sydney Harbor paints website. That particular color is very much like what I am wanting for one of my client’s home."
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