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"I can't smell Honeysuckle without being transported back to summertime in my childhood house. My sister and I would sit outside and eat all the fabulous honeysuckle that never seemed to run out. A magical scent!"
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"Jodi, where do you get kangaroo steaks? I’ve never even seen them!! And I cannot wait til your give away, I will check out Purebites and yes…I think I trust at least some Canadians….:-)"
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"Dos artículos redactados muy didácticos e impecables. Enhorabuena, y gracias por llevar a cabo esta labor de documentación, voy a hacer cuanto pueda por darles la difusión que merecen."
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"Wow. I’ve seen a lot of ugly on the internet, but this is just out of control. I’m sorry you are on the receiving end of this and I really hope that they contact you soon with an IP address and make changes so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.What a small, sad person that must be behind this. I’m so sorry Adam."
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