"People like me twisting reality? You'll have to do better than that. I also believe the ICC should have handled this case and that there was no chance Saddam could get a fair trial in the circumstances. As for my outlook on how many Iraqis have died in this war, you should read my earlier posts and you wouldn't come to the conclusions you've stated."
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"Liz, I personally prefer the last word art with the gorgeous drop shadows that add depth as well as dimension to your wall art. But if you're going to use a black frame, then number one would have to be your choice.Thank you for this wonderfully designed Biblical word art. It will most certainly have a place of honor in my home. It has extra meaning for me because I am a recuperating quadriplegic who survived through his grace in spite of medical diagnoses and prognosis. This is so precious."
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"I’ll look for the orange–sure wish I could find these magazines locally. What I like about today’s blog list is–the fact that there IS a list. It is so much fun to go through each link and get so inspired. Thank you for all the fun."
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"Sopranos er og blir en av favorittene mine! Fantastisk serie. The wire fenget meg aldri noe særlig.Har du sett six feet under? Hvis ikke; se den :)Helt fantastisk serie. Holder også på med the walking dead nå(etter å ha lest alt som er gitt av tegneserien). Tv-serien er ikke like god som tegneserien men dugelig bra uansett om man liker ting som omhandler en post-apokalyptisk verden."
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