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"3-D?I tried to use the glasses I saved from Avatar, but they didn’t work. So, I probably looked a lot like bschloz trying to put the one’s provided by the Star together. (paragraph)I thought it was cool. Wouldn’t want it every week, but what the hell? It was different and I enjoyed it. (paragraph)Of course, the technology utilized by the Star wasn’t nearly as "state of the art" as this fancy blog, or web site, or whatever the hell it’s trying to be."
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"Interesting to hear George Megalogenis suggest on ABC Insiders that the Greens strategy for the Federal election should be running two high profile candidates against Rudd and Abbott respectively, on the basis that poll results show both leaders to be electorally unpopular – for different reasons. Sure would be a way of getting both to concentrate on ordinary voter concerns. But his main argument was that the media would love the blood sport and the Greens would reap the publicity benefits. Lindsay Tanner might see some benefits in the idea given the Green threat he faces."
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"Fantastic piece, with some priceless photos. ya know, I made a Doug Sahm/SDQ comp mix just the other day, then realized i had about 4 songs left over for the next one, and here comes your terrific post with tracks i never even knew existed! Doug Sahm was a huge loss. I really love Day Dreaming at Midnight, one of the later SDQ albums. But the early stuff is of course essential. Thanks again."
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"/ How did you like Jillian Michaels video? Physical and emotional healing are so crucial to our core, i’m happy that you are healing well. can’t wait to reconnect at Fitbloggin roomie"
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