"Skink each government had a choice of whether to proceed with a variant of the ghost train. It was not locked in at the time of change of government. So , for good or ill , it was. decision to proceed with the ghost train. I think the Liberal’s ghost train was an even worse plan. The crucial part is the Jandakot to Perth section. The rest is a waste , and the money should have been spent on other spurs e.g Fremantle to Jandakot. This would have involved a little thought rather than brainless electioneering."
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"Here is a video on BGA you might like. watch?v=JB1InDsWCjQ&feature=fvwI have a small hot air gun? which is probably designed for warming heat shrink tubing but it gets hot enough to solder with."
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"The low fat version is pretty much my standard post-long run smoothie, using Vega Sport Vanilla, but I never thought to try adding cinnamon or cacao nibs…sounds awesome!"
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