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"8:59 You hit the nail on the head! Tom was a member of the past legislative year. A year that saw them raiding the rainy day fund and borrowing to balance the budget. Just think, paying your VISA with your MASTER CARD and the difference from your retirement account. TOM, in no way shape or form are you "one of us". ANYONE that can balance a checkbook would see that cuts need to be made, but in order to make the cuts you need the fortitude (I'm being kind) to do it. Tom you never had it and never will."
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"Pet Promenade has everything you will need for the furry member of the family. From pet food, dog leads, grooming equipment and bird cages, to a fabulous variety of pet toys and other animal accessories. We have lots of exciting things to see and and learn at Pet promenade. We hope you enjoy your visit and will share this resource to other pet lovers. We guarantee you wl always find a wealth of resources and knowledge for your special pet."
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"Julie,Have you tried Xyrem to treat your Narcolepsy? It has been a miracle in my life. Your body will get enough sleep and your brain will be able to wake up."
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