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"Hi Matt Would love to follow you on Twitter but Can’t due to some baloney on Twitter that I am at my Cap of people that I follow . Sorry about that But would really like to win The Ipad !!!! Thanks Again ."
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"Of course the real business community isn’t buying this – they can’t get the credit they need – hence the continuation of the Recession. Sadly, general business won’t be able to lobby on this, because the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is now a financial and insurance industry shill."
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"Henrik, thank you, Beachie. Am copying your comments to include in a short post linking to this post by the Baron. I am not a scholar and know these things on only a superficial level. All I know is that Islamists following the Koran want to kill us or dominate us."
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"All Hallows Eve is a wonderful holiday for the candy making behemoths. And the costume manufacturers. It has little to no ties left to the original Pagan holiday. We modern Day Americans are very good at bastardizing the holiday’s to fit within the constraints of our pocket books!"
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