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"Read Shannyn Moore’s facebook entry-Gavin (any twosome) Newsom is her hero along with her loving abortion, homosexual “marriage” and a variety of other perversions. Must admit you are knda a cute, for a lesbian Ellen Degenerate type."
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"Very true. History has many incidents of blowback with the U.S. and other countries. For simplicity’s sake, I focused this discussion on post-WWII incidents, which is when the U.S. has clearly ignored the Constitution and wholeheartedly endorsed an interventionist foreign policy.VN:F [1.9.18_1163](from 0 votes)"
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"Wondeeeeer, ma adesso pure i template di grafica????E bastaaaa, trova una collocazione unica....fermati in un punto solo e autocentrati......NON PUOI SAPER FARE TUTTO, cazzarola!!!! :)) Me stai a fa rosicà!!!"
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"Snyggt Riikka! Väldigt modigt att ta in orange som accentfärg. Men färgen vilar tryggt i den mörka basen. Ser framemot att följa med dina projekt!"
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