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"Yes. Whatever makes you happy. Now, can we drop it and not ruin this post? The post is about Russian Bond babes, not Ukrainians. Ukraine is not part of Russia at all. I dont see what the confusion is. Is the US part of Canada? No. Rossiya ne Ukraina. Rossiya eto Rossiya, Ukraina eto Ukraina."
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"I had the same problem. I use shaklee cholesterol regulation complex. It’s a natural food supplement and I take it with my meals. My good cholesterol is 130 and I think the range is between 45 and 65, something like that. The doctor said he never saw anything like it, and keep doing what I’m doing.They have a web site if you are interested, just type in Shaklee."
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"Robinson, i was born in shinyalu raised in shinyalu and when i read such words that have little truth in them i feel sad so sad.where is shinyalu radio station?"
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"Penso che io non mi farei tutti quei tatuaggi ch si sono fatti loro, però sono bei tatuaggi, però la pelle e loro quindi possono fare quello che vogliono!"
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