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"Thanks for your comment, Mark. The few days in Laguna were unpleasant for me as well. Something I’d never do again. I did enjoy the artists I met, you among them. I navigated around you web site and was struck by how fine the work is. I told one of my students to take a look at your work on line and she liked it as well. Hopefully we both learned a thing or two.Best, Doug"
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"As for de Mesquita, he's a blowhard and a pansy. Incentives indeed! Compare his peace plan to mine. In mine, the Palestinians have a very simple incentive to make peace, which is that they are not decimated by massive artillery fire. In his, there is something about tourism.This probably explains why de Mesquita holds a department chair in political science and is the recipient of whereas I have to hang out here and argue with Nazis."
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"- Sounds so familiar. The kids fight because they want your undivided attention. And as parents we give it to them when they’re fighting. Give it to them indidividually when they’re being good. And join the club. Frankly all people suck at parenting. LOL! I tell my son daily we’ll pay for the therapy he’ll probably need from growing up with us as parents."
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"It will be a true travesty of justice if the usurper to the presidency scores a fraudulent victory over LTC Lakin. Even if that happens, we won't let him down and will keep up the fight until the matter is given full transparency."
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