"Henrik, thank you, Beachie. Am copying your comments to include in a short post linking to this post by the Baron. I am not a scholar and know these things on only a superficial level. All I know is that Islamists following the Koran want to kill us or dominate us."
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"All Hallows Eve is a wonderful holiday for the candy making behemoths. And the costume manufacturers. It has little to no ties left to the original Pagan holiday. We modern Day Americans are very good at bastardizing the holiday’s to fit within the constraints of our pocket books!"
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"what IS the catholic church but a way to preserve the status of those in power, by taking advantage of those who believe?what do you think tithing is FOR anyway?They are the people who don’t want to make a living by contributing something meaningful to society… so they live off the beliefs of others. Which in itself is only annoying… its when they try to become rich from it that it becomes unforgivable."
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"Gerry: everyone will eventually have an ND ... the law of averages will catch up with you.I've had my one ND, and an honest-to-god malf caused AD.Both were non-injurious because the weapons in question were only handled where it was safe to do so. ( although the AD did cost me a waterbed. A .45 ACP glaser is completely stopped by a waterbed, by the way )."
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