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"as I recall David mentioned once he wanted to bring better music into what he offers. I think Begin qualifies hands down. justwish I could remember where I saw that."
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"It's a very well done photo! I was actually wondering where this was taken... I don't think it's very common to have a shallow pool of water that people can play around in..?"
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"Dec04TheHuronNegro très belle voix, et pis bonne rythmique le tout dans un ensemble commun.Fin continu,:si tu as le temps passe voir ma vidéo sur ma chaîne “sans aucun sens” tout est de moi parole et musique, c’est pas extra mais c’est ma première”"
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"no thanks. just clicked on link and almost puked. everyone's writing their suggestions like they're an innocent smoothie. shit like "hey be good Dan" and "talk to Seb he's a bloody nice chap" and i think lunar's got caught in the moment too. i'm staying on scamp and shouting wankers at them all(apart from Dan maybe because everyone seems to be vouching for him.)"
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