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"I like the way you think. You are honest and cannot fool yourself. I think you need to buy a house. That will put everything into perspective."
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"Hello! Hope all is well. I have always loved that closet and the bath is so great too. Love all the pops of citrus! That hardware is really unique!"
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"November 22, 2007 at 02:40I know how important heating is in winter there *shiver at the thought*. I’ve experienced New York winter of -15 deg C, and Toronto has similar weather.Now why do I imagine this.. A swinging Puku eyeing (or is it vying for) the neighbor in almost au naturel state..LOL Reply"
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"Dear Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan and class,Great post Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris!I loved doing the storybirds.I enjoyed the project because you got to workwith a different person then you have in the year.I like storybird more because you don’t just have todo it with not just one or two you can workwith as many as you likeSinsely,Ella"
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