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"1448b - 1c8Hello ! That post is interesting But what the hell, that just can`t be right . I really don`t mean any trolling, but I’ve simply found another point of view. So I cannot simply agree with autor`s point of view . And don’t start blaming me for the lack of argumentation ! All the evidences are . However thank you for the post anyway.ca"
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"Thanks to people like her, I still have hope for those poor muslim souls I see every day. Sadly she is one of few who see the truth today, but hopefully time changes."
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"Absolutely: children with him. These are the invisible ties that connect these women. And it’s also the reason they all know each other and, ultimately, found me. Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. I’m happy to support all of them. We have shared similar journeys and survived. We should form a club. Or something."
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"Totally LOVE the entire outfit! And the bag...well lets just say "I WANT IT!!!" Sorry didn't mean to yell, but ima purse fanatic! Have you ever considered your own line of fashion? You know, maybe putting outfits together and selling them? I'd buy this outfit!...just saying."
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