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"Reklaame nähes mõtlesin ka algul, et no issand jumal, mis inimesed saatesse lastud. Aga tegelikult suur respekt teile, suurem osa inimesi ei julge kaamerate ees olla nemad ise ning vabalt rääkida. Te oletegi sellised natuke kreisid ja see on lahe tegelikult. No natukene on jah üle võlli kõik, aga vähemalt on põnev vaadata, sest enamjaolt, eriti tuntud inimesed, on seal saates eriti malbekesed ja tagasihoidlikud."
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"it for me.Good take from you too, Joel. To add to your dry humor, if you’ve read my recession blogs, you know I support domestic American workers first during layoffs. Well the banks got their bailouts and guess what, they want 20,000 foreign middle managers [these aren't tech H-1Bs gang, they have business degrees] brought in to replace laid off Americans; paid for with the bailout money…lolA friend told me he heard on the news as the recession/depression worsens, corruption in government will go off the scale…..they’re right. – Rate this comment: 0  0"
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"Hello,where can I purchase the iPhone 3G Solar Charging Case in White/Leather?Could you please send me the link to buy the leather case?Yours sincerly, David."
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"Gasoline pretty much kills all forms of vegetation, grass included. Note: Some Government Agencies and Environmental Groups tend to disapprove of this method, and to my knowledge has never been tried on Bamboo, so fool be warned."
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