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"Dworkin Fassbeinder – A separate question that I ask you which a black person has never given an asnswer for is why did your nations not rise up and join the Afrikaner in his war against the British.Every person in the country was subject to colonial rule so why did you not join in instead of leaving it up to the Afrikaner to be decimated."
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"Your Spring images are so beautiful and welcoming Cecilia! We have another grey and rainy day...but I've to work today! I like the white roses in your photos...mine are now wasted by the rain! Have a nice week end and enjoy a springy week end!Big hugs my friend!Vale"
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"CNN MAKES A GREAT WEATHER CHANNEL!! They should focus on what they do best and get out of topics they refuse to cover, but rather COVER UP!! RT=RealTimes!"
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"jakes definitely brought it at catalyst, didn’t he?i love the “appear stupid”… i’ve done that for a long time and continue to do so. i’ve realized that i’m pretty comfortable in my own skin and if i look silly… eh. what is there to lose?"
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