"Have you ever had contact with a deceased celebrity? (Blog) Use this thread to discuss the following entry from Erin Pavlina’s blog: Have you ever had contact with a deceased celebrity?"
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"Waterfront property owners are not always as conscious of water quality as Annabel Lesher, so it is good to know that some recognize the detrimental effects on excess nutrients on the Bay. The rivers and creeks are more or less part of their front yard, and yet she is changing her behavior to have a positive impact because she can see negative effects."
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"have been going to Shibusawa park a lot lately! Feeding the fish there is just too much fun and it's such a beautiful park really close to home. Keri and her"
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"Chique dinges! Kunt ge u tips om hem te overtuigen posten aub? Want hier heb ik ook eentje die hemdjes niet leuk vindt...ook niet met toffe prints?!"
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