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"Good question. I do see a fairly strong correlation between the VIX and bonds, but one which waxes and wanes at various periods. My guess is that fear and a 'flight to quality' are highly correlated, which is part of the reason, but I will delve into this at some point on the blog.Cheers,-Bill"
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"  SodaloJepp! Spesielt lunch-snusen. Har aldri vært noen storforbruker, men jammen er det et savn likevel! HÃ¥per disse tankene gir seg snart….."
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"To answer your questiong about whether or not books are more superior to web sites, In this generation I believe that books are more superior, but i also believe that within the next few years this will change. I believe that a person can tell if a source is good enough to use in a research paper. It all has to do with it’s credibility. I think that people should analyze what ever they use in any situation because the books aren’t always correct. Wikipedia is a great site and I would easily give it as much credit as a book."
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"The poll seems to favour "ladies", so do I -- but as I'm not a native speaker, I remember that our word "Weib" -- related to "wife" was an honoring word centuries ago and is a scornful word today, especially in plural "Weiber". Words change -- and, as I am convinced: The intention changes a word, a word never changes an intention. The meaning speaks. And I wish all young people would share your attitude towards the older generation!"
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