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"Hell, every time my dermo doc and my MOHS doc have a boat payment due they decide to cut a little more off my skin and split the profit. So, I take a nice fat book and I discovered the Secret of the Snack Cabinet. My MOHS guy has microwave soups, coffee, tea, crackers and cookies. You really need to call and ask if you need to bring a lunch. BTW, in the six procedures I've had (so far), none has needed anything more than normal wound care. Good luck."
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"in Italiano anche se non sono per niente interessanti e ricordo di spuntare anche la voce … link all’articolo originale // Attenzione: tutti i contenuti vengono riprodotti in maniera parziale e sono proprietÃ"
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"Dear Devesh,1) Prelims exam changed in 2011 (there would be no further changes here). Only the pattern of the Mains exam will change (if it will). 2) Speculation is that optional subjects will be replaced by compulsory papers. The content of the compulsory papers will be such which will test candidates on knowledge essential for the job profile of civil services.3) No Maths. Read the article on expected changes carefully.Regards,Rau’s IAS"
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"Hey no problem youtube someone on here gave a re-rout link that we all have been using to get buy. Most don't care what videos the editors like. But thanks for trying to make that choice for us. Hope to see the issue resolved. YouTube is still awesome! From a little guy at the bottom of the lost category lists"
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