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"Peppermint Ice Cream I love peppermint ice cream at Christmas time, and seem to remember a punch recipe where a big portion of the flavor came from it. I’ll have to put finding that on my to-do list."
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"Thanks to FNM and co. Best fucking gig ever! 40,000 ears must have enjoyed the whole set. But yes, the haunting version of The Real Thing was really amazing. And yet I was there, having eargasms and enjoying The Real Thing.Best live band ever!"
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"What do you mean by “higher taxes”? I thought that on Jan 21st i was going to recieve a brick of gold and the keys to a new car…. part of some new “change” policy or something."
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"The Peggy Bundy pregnancy dream was done because Katy Sagal suffered a miscarriage, so the writers felt it would be unnecessarily cruel to put her in storylines featuring a baby."
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