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"you should be able to win but only with an EMS rating of 7000+. Considering most people who’ve played the DLC probably haven’t played multiplayer for weeks and therefore are nowhere near that threshold, is it possible I wonder that someone will discover that 7000+ leads to the super-secret happy ending? Either way, it’s nice to have the option."
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"maria b. · martedì, 27 novembre 2012, 7:45 pmPer fortuna la banca viene invece salvata da un mega prestito governativo senza richiesta di garanzie e a tasso zero.Per reperire i fondi necessari il governo ha semplicemente tassato tutti quelli che non erano mai stati al bar di Helga perché astemi o troppo impegnati a lavorare.questa è la parte più interessante della storia!"
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"week of Neela Vermeire Creations here on APJ has included an Interview with Neela Vermeire, Review of one of her fragrances Mohur and now a giveaway! I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Thank you to everyone who entered, clearly the"
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"This looks delicious. I actually made something very similar a few days ago, except I added a few shrimp and used peas instead of broccoli since I'm not a fan of that particular vegetable."
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