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"Debbie Shreesha, go to your friends list and hover over their picture till drop-down pops up – hover over the ‘friends’ button and then ‘all lists’ – tick the ‘restricted’ option – they will then only see posts and photographs you make ‘public’ – hope that helps"
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"Anon, The test wasn't a firefighters test it was a basic skills(reading and writing). Of course your point holds but it's not related directly to what these guys do.The bleeting about this from the right is so annoying. People in America are under a myth that the spoils of America are generally dispensed fairly based on merit and things you know in a test. People make arbitrary decisions based all kind of subjective measures all the time in hiring. Why does the City of New Haven have to use an objective standard."
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"Hey, I really love old retro stuff and vintage furniture is one of my favorites. The old stuff was made well and lasts, not like the new cheap stuff."
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"I dnt know wat this is but have you ever thought of making a new feature that you can upload a photobucket remixed video onto youtube? try and make it!"
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