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"yesterday, “I’m seeing more of you.”Yeah, well, I was always there, just hiding behind rage and blame.I give up now. I’m softening. You can see me.Just a person who wanted love like a little kid, and you’re just a person who couldn’t give it to me.I can buy your limited care and empathy.That’s your consolation prize, dear, go on home.I’m going, I’m going."
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"I’ve done everything you’ve done here, but when my computer restarts, it doesn’t recognize the overclock. Cpu-z reads my cpu at stock 3.3ghz. I have the same exact mobo and cpu. Please help. "
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"1) Il tipico taglio delle giacche Chanel-style non prevede assolutamente che venga segnato il punto vita. Ma cadono proprio dritte in quel modo.2) Angela non è skinny. E l'apprezzo per quello3) Eleonora Carisi è una delle poche che di moda ne sa davvero qualcosa."
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"Maryann, I feel for you. I know that feeling of being usurped and not being the most important person in one’s life. But you’ll always be Casey’s most important mom. And there will come a time when he’ll seek you out especially for something that only you can provide the answers for."
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