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"wendycakes on i love your food posts! i’m definitely going to add bachi burger on my to-eat list the next time i visit vegas.btw, i love the new layout of love & lemonade! :)"
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"Die Befreihung bekommt nicht jeder Hartz-4-Empfänger. Nur die, die den reinen Regelsatz von 345 haben und keinen Armutsgewöhnungszuschlag oder Zuverdienst haben."
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"You guys did a great job spending your time to create this article! If I had to explain my emotions about your website in only one word ? it would be WOW! Thank you! P.S. Subscribed for updates!"
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"No judgement here, friend. I say, eat that corn!I actually DID go looking for it last weekend and all they had was the Indian corn at Hy-Vee. I was a little torked."
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