"that Republicans play the dog whistle like Mozart.I’m glad others are mentioning the sadness in Bristol’s eyes. Of course we know nothing about her past, but her future with a who’s still in high school would give most 17 year olds pause."
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"I read somewhere that the expensive good qaultiy perfumes and colognes are that way because they're very subtle, but couldn't you achieve a similar subtleness by using less of cheap cologne?"
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"I contrast with my cousin because she is 13 years old and I am 15 years old.She only plays one sport wich is soccer, and she plays it all year long. I play three sports with a break in between, I play volleyball, basketball, throw the javelin, run the 800, and am on the 4 by 4. Her birthday is in Feburary,my birthday is in April on tax day."
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"Lo que a mi personalmente me sorprende es: como es posible que esto la gente no lo entiende? Como es posible que no se entienda que el camino es otro? Faltan muchos conocimientos en este sentido, unos conocimientos que la gente se niega a considerar seriamente como necesidad vitalVota el comentario: 1  0"
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