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"Amazing article. Could you direct me to a modern English translation of Hippolytus’ commentary on Psalm 22 and 23? I have a hard time finding it and the translation we have today has such difficult, confusing sentence structure for me to comprehend. It would greatly be appreciated."
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"Left MS one year ago and never worked in the Windows team. Must say Vista is a total failure, but Win8 + Surface has potential. The IT department of my new company is doing a trial, so far so good. I also have tested our product on Surface and Win8, way better than iPad."
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"Blasphemy! Hehe Simply just lying to. Fixing and repairing stuff understand identical items in various other information sites. Ill take your concept because of it. Remain sound! the good friend."
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"The first near-steel-quality weapon found worldwide is precisely a dagger found in Cyprus produced locally by a Cypriot smith. Iron working was known among Mediterranean people but not preferred since quality could not be guaranteed even for the ultraexpensive ones unlike Bronze which was standardized to high standards. Hence the bulk of the Iron weaponry of the 1200-800 BC was of inferior quality to Bronze and it was only the rapid increase in Tin prices that led to widespread use of Iron."
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