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"Yesss! Baby food!! I have not seen that brand apple/butternut squash. I feel like such a weirdo shopping in the baby food aisle with all the moms I used to get cysts in my eyes!! Hasn't happened in a few years though, but it's definitely weird. I've been scheduled to go in for laser eye surgery a couple times to get them removed, and then they always went away before the appointment came up... Was this answer helpful?"
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"luar biasa, saya beru bergabung dan langsung terkesan…alhamdulillah mudah2an saya bisa berubah dengan menciptakan kebiasaan baru. langkah awal sudah saya lakukan, bangun pagi (dan tidak tidur lagi)..dari situ saya seperti punya tambahan waktu 2 jam setiap hari. saya belum tau pasti akan saya isi apa kebiasaan itu, sementara ini saya isi hanya dengan membaca, namun saya mau lebih dan akan mengikuti (ini) terus. InsyaAllah."
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"I’ve never heard of Movable Type. This site is done in WordPress, mainly because it’s what came with the HostGator site. I find WordPress very user friendly. Again, please put blog feedback on the blog and not on the home page… :-/"
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"Some very compelling thoughts. I like that Yoder blends an appreciation for the Sacraments (Lord’s Supper and Baptism), with acknowledgement of the role of consensus building (open meetings). Moving forward in my ministry, I’m going to draw on these principles."
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