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"Giorgio:"ho mandato anche io la mia mail... una nonb la vedono, ma se iniziano a moltiplicarsi..."Ma allora vedi che sei venuto anche tu nel nostro carruggio(*)! :-)(*)espressione genovese per dire "abbracciare una opinione che inizialmente non si condivideva""
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"Just went shopping for bath mats or a runner or something for the kids bathroom. We have gone through so many…didn’t purchase anything. This is so perfect. I will use beach towels as they have a sea side theme in their bathroom. Thank you for A grand idea."
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"Actually it's been surprisingly cooler in our area this season. Do you know we didn't have many rainbows when my daughter and family were here. They stayed in Waikiki for a few days and there they were!"
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"Oi Maryanne,todo esse roteiro de bike desde Ghiradelli Square até Sausalito dá p/ fazer de carro? Li vários posts seu dizendo q julho ventamuito , então esse passeio maravilhoso pode ficar inviável.Tks,Sol"
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