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"Per L'economa domestica Gatti! Ah no, mi viene in mente altro: dopo aver provato a cercare su google immagini degli argomenti assolutamente normali (per me) ed essermi trovata davanti un campionario di regole 34...Insomma, l'unico a non conoscere la regola "se esiste, ne esiste anche una versione porno" ero io.Economa, forse non hai considerato che la chatte, e anche le chat, in argot ha un significato che l'italiano gatta non ha. :-D"
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"Clear ornaments give me bad memories from my childhood. Growing up, my sister and I made ornaments every year for our family members. One year I wanted to do stuff with clear ornaments. Rather than pay more for the clear ones, my dad bought gold ones and I had to use alcohol and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE forever to make them clear. It was such a pain and just shows how cheap my family is. Haha!"
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"THANK YOU for putting this together. My lump in my throat is perhaps turning into tears… Such a magical experience only made that more so by the fantastic company. All of the hours in the Apple store were well worth it; excellent job and very appropriate song.xoxoxo"
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"Haha, underbart att vara en heldig kartoffel;)) Vad glad jag blir, gult är ju vårens färg, blir vackert mot det vita härhemma <3Stor kram, o tack för en mysig utlottning!!Min adress:Sofia Fredlund UgarphBreviksvägen 3957533 EksjöSverigeHa en underbart härlig dag, här skiner solen o det är 15 minus;))Kram fia"
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