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"..."I think the biggest roadblock to legalization the chronic nature (pun sort of intended) of marijuana's effect on the body...."What? Ethanol and tobacco don't have long-term bad effects on the body? For typical users, the adverse effects of tobacco greatly exceed the adverse effects of marijuana. The media love to overstate the bad effects of marijuana, but the examples they choose are the equivalent of a five pack-per-day smoker or a two-liters-per-day whiskey drinker."
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"Ivan, il nocciolo contorto ama un terriccio ricco di humus come il nocciolo comune.Necessita però di una costante umidità “ambientale”, pena: facile disidratazione dei rametti più sottili.Armando"
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"MARINA CAMARGO comentou em 2 de junho de 2010 às 14:23. Como diz Katylene, AGORA JÁ PODCHE GRITAR????????????hahahahahaJu, sua máquina é da Chanel ou é só um adesivinho ali?Beijoca e bom descanso."
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"whoa. what a great news!But, do Youtube have any representative in Middle East.Coz i am currently living in Qatar. But i am NOT coming from those area. I really want to be a Youtube Partner. But YT is not yet ready for this country.Youtube, can you pwees come to this country? coz my dream is to become a Youtube Partner.Or my hometown is in Indonesia, is there also any YT moderator?I wish i am a YT partner, just kinda so glad if some of my friends CAN apply for this YT Partner. *I was like, waiting until FINALLY youtube somehow come here*"
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