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"Love this feature, though I wish there was a way to get my emails from Google not be marked as priority. I get emails from Google Analytics and while useful, those are not priority for me. No matter what I do, they continue to be marked as such."
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"kritisk_borger: "If Mr Staerk were to argued for such a policy at let’s say a Norwegian Labour Party conference, he would more than likely be laughed out of the premises, and severely ridiculed in the national newspapers in the following days for making such a stupid and moronic comment."Nah, it's just that you've misunderstood it. What do you say to a passenger who panics before the plane takes off because they're afraid it will crash? You enocurage them to get control of their fears. That's what I'm saying too."
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"This is a beautiful salad, and full of protein to make it a complete meal. I've never thought to put lentils on a salad before, but I do like other beans on salads so I would probably like this."
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"Donald Trump in testa alle preferenze degli elettori?Evidentemente anche gli Americani meritano di avere il loro Berlusconi.Speriamo solo che abbia un repertorio di barzellette meno greve e stantio..."
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