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"that was because they were such poor photographers their results certainly were not a substitute. It involved simple, things such as exposure, sharpness and making sure that you selected groups of flowers that showed a view from different angles and, in the case of ‘pea’ flowers the leaves, tendrils etc… guide book stuff, in fact. So… good luck with this, I shall be interested to follow progress."
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""oli sitten viimeinen kerta" kyllä osui kohdalleen ainakin meidän huushollissa.Kirje, olkoon vaikka missä muodossa, niin aina se päivän- paisteen tuo.Tänään soi ovikello ja siellä oli ei postipoika, vaan postityttö.Ensimmäinen kokemus meille p.tytöstä."
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"This is the most comprehensive info I’ve seen, yet, about Facebook. Well done!One thing I don’t see on the Page that I’m managing is an ‘Info’ tab. I want to see who my customer has liked previous to me taking over as admin. Is that an app, or something I have to enable, or am I just looking in the wrong spot?Any direction would be appreciated.thxBonnie"
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"Didn't you just post this? Interesting how some of the links are now down. How I despise Leviathan and His minions. Jesus Christ is the righteous judge and He WILL judge all things and grant justice to the oppressed."
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