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"Ross is definitely right, there HAS been a “down” feeling. I know out here my last 3 weeks have been utterly demolishing any good motivation I have had. I could blame it on the Election, the Nor’easter, Superstorm Sandy, or any of a hundred other excuses, but ya know what? In the end that is just what they are, excuses. So tonite after work I am gonna go out and start working on my ice breakers with chicks. Cuz it’s enough already!!!Thx Ross, ass officially kicked, motivation received."
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"I really like reading the original edition of the Book of Mormon. I prefer that kind of formatting for my scripture. I find that we focus too much on one particular verse or another in the current format instead of the larger text or context. I’ll have to consider reading some of these other versions of the Bible."
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"Thank you so much for another great party. It looks like you had so much fun at Haven. I hope to be able to make it next year. Your girls are adorable little ballerinas. There's just something so sweet about a little girl in a tutu. Have a wonderful weekend!"
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