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"October 13, 2012 at 10:40 pmThen why isn’t there a NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People) or NAANCP (National Association for the Advancement of Non-Colored People) Isn’t that a little racist in itself? Would white people get in trouble for having that? Yes, that is the question, Why would it be racist? Reply"
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"I totally want one, too. But of Steelers, not Colts. Y’know that NFL shop commercial with the total Steelers room and the end is “What’s with the lamp!?” Yeah, THAT’S the room I want. Mega-love!Love this post, and I’m pretty fond of Peyton Manning, too"
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"eu acho que nem 3 quilos vc precisa perder Camila! rsrs acho que tá ótima! a moça da foto tb! Acho ótimo tb a disseminação de blogs de moda, pois podemos ver gente se vestindo bem de forma mais democrática! olhamos e pensamos: hey, essa menina tem o meu corpo! Olha, aquela lá é baixinha, essa tem pernão, acho isso muito bacana, real, mulheres de verdade pra se inspirar…bjos a todas!"
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