"I keep thinking, or saying I am going to make spoon bread. My family did not make it, they liked the dry and crumbly corn bread, but this would rock my world for sure...You are always so creative Mary!"
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"Läste precis den artikeln och blev faktiskt lite pissed över deras ordval – som om det vore nÃ¥got negativt att vara aktivist. Skulle det varit bättre om du haft en blogg om schlagerstjärnors klädval?Jag kan dessutom tycka att en konstnär (och galleri) som har problem med sexpositiv aktivism har nog hamnat i fel yrke."
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"They look absolutely gorgeous. Ive never had a crab cake that is made from fresh crab, its always tinned crab Ive had which is nice but I think its time to get some fresh crab meat and make something special myself ."
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"sleepdog316I feel sorry for Kayne i dont know why but hes right someone of pure spirit and good thoughts can be tainted with evil and painful “theories” Hang in there Kayne."
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