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"Mary, you really surprise me with your lovely fried rice! Asian eat rice nearly everyday, but not all of us know how to make a plate of lovely fried rice, you did it so well!"
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"Thanks Susan. That was great and it's now posted here.Underneath all that campy pancake makeup, Tammy Faye turned out to be a real mensch ... and the gay boys loved her for all of her campiness."
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"Your card is fab, love all the new HH stamps...so difficult to choose just one...I like Max the Magnificent from the circus range and Puff Fish from the sea rangethanks for a chance to winlv gill x"
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"Apparemment il ne roulait pas a une telle allure. Ceci dit, l’Atom n’est résolument pas faites pour rouler sur la voie publique c’est clair, 500 bourrins sous le capot, faut pas se louper quand on veut faire une reprise."
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