"So adorable! I just love the polka dots with the floral print.This weather has certainly been bizarre. One thing I do love about our weather is that it is so very kind to skin and hair. No blistering cold in the winter, no drying heat in the summer, and always that wonderful ocean breeze carrying plenty of moisture. This place keeps you young!"
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"dit :Pour Noël, je commande une collègue de travail aussi drôle que toi. Tu arrives à me faire hurler de rire alors que Bosszilla s’acharne sur moi et me rend ouf… Merci JJ GOLDMAN :-)"
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"Oh dear Ian, what wonderful sense of timing. Here you are saying that the delay is bad for the TVG applicants, meanwhile the landowners are in the Post complaining about the delay saying "We have pushed this week for a full hearing to take place in public as soon as possible" Let's see how quickly you can do a u-turn…."
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"I too read this with a pang, having had similar thoughts. But I have to say, the commenters here have reminded me how important our relationships are, and that we all bring something unique to them, and that we are never irrelevant."
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