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"OMG! Totally Team Derek! I mean, Lucas is hot and everything, but I think he cares a little more about his pack. And then there’s the problem with his grandma. But Derek totally loves Kylie, and he isn’t afraid to tell her that. Plus, his supercharged emotions definitely show that he loves her. C.C., you should totally have them be together. It just seems fitting, because Derek hasn’t done anything to hurt Kylie, and she keeps thinking about him while she’s “dating” Lucas."
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"disse:Que cena mais pesada essa. Acho que toda a gente desanima com contra-tempos em cima de contra-tempos, mas parece que no próximo pôr do sol tudo se esquece…..é o que dizem!"
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"I like the idea of a shareclub DanAre you going through AD securities for the brokerage facility? I was in one >a share club that is> several years ago left it as there was so much argument on what stocks to invest in. They are great fun. I’d be interested if you decide to organise one.Haseem Shah"
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"Merci Antoine!Très belle course à vous. Pour Bellemont, j’en ai bien conscience. On est de bons coureurs et j’aurai vraiment aimer y aller. Mais c’était le jeux, une porte horaire et une porte horaire, malheureusement.Excellent le coup de la réparation au milieu du chemin, ça ma bien fait rigoler!A bientôt sur un raid ou sur un trail!"
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