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"Is there any connection between the huge amounts of money spent for standardized testing and the teachers who hate it so much? It seems that companies who design these (admittedly really strange) tests have a lot to lose if they are eliminated."
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"Hi Manilyn, sorry for the late reply. For El Nido, you don’t have to book a tour in advance, unless you have a specific itinerary in mind and want to have the entire boat to yourselves. Otherwise, you can just walk into any tour operator in El Nido town and ask which tours can still accommodate you. Of course, if you do this second option, you’d have to share the boat with other tourists.If you want, I can recommend a contact in El Nido who can arrange a tour for you."
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"Posted on A carefentynal weakerbetter floor plasma-elimination moreeee shows a half-life of the [i]banana boat ultramist tanning oil[/i] compound modifying from 26 to 107 days, with a creep of irreparably 53"
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"1c6here’s the deal….the Corps is full right now so they are going to pick at every little thing they can find not to let new recruits in. so its kinda like dont ask dont tell policy well it aint in affect any more but u know what i mean if it aint bad and not very many ppl know then dont tell…stfu and go throught meps like your the s**t. thank you for your service, 2002-2006 CPL Deal"
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