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"Remember us chatting on the phone quite some time ago about a possible SozyOne i’view. So you finally hooked up with Pee. Niceness.Probably shouldn’t ask, but is there a chance on a possible hook up during the Christmas break? Check out Alice, duvelke somewhere, catching up on the life and times of two humble gods.p’s vrind!"
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"You need to relax. I just commented what Ajay Devgn tweeted.From your link itself – First day JTHJ was 18 to 13 of SOS (approx)Second day JTHJ is 27 to 28 of SOS (approx)Yeah it has 4 more shows but look at the jump from day 1 to day 2. So SOS overtook JTHJ on second day and this proves that if SOS had equal shows in high paying screens then it may have grossed the same collections."
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"I am inspired by my kids, a good book, music (particularly country – there are just so many stories in it), my co-laborers, a magnificent sunset, a rainbow, God’s creation, and so much more. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere at anytime. I love that God does that!"
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