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"KP, you did the I-Me-We deal in record time and almost 1 and a half years ahead of EIG. Kudos. Next time, investors will think twice about doing a deal without you involved!"
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"I love healthmonth.com for tracking my health goals and making a game/building a community from it. (I mean, I loved it at first because my friend made it, but then it turned out to be really useful.)"
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"mnuez,"Liberty to physically capture your neighbor's daughter and repeatedly copulate with her?"Yeah, yeah... Liberty is the Great Satan. Man, you religious types are a scary bunch. I know that you all have always run the world and that you probably always will, but if you ask me, that fact doesn't speak well for the human race. I suppose I'd better shut up now, before you all round up some pitchforks and firewood and try to burn me as a heretic."
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"Thanks everyone! The sweater was an 100% wool one which I turned into felt (there are lots of tutorials online for how to do this if you're interested) - it makes lovely thick felt :)"
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