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"roberta you and your family have my heartfelt simithy on you loss i have thought about you often and pry god will aee you through i hope you are ok tahe care sincerely, marcella amell"
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"2:20… ‘it’s going to get worse, with the republicans in the house.” The way we used to “run” the country—- it was just a whole other wave length. And all this “left-right” commie v capitalist thinking is really so much more dumbed down that a lot of people can even take in or imagine. Sadly, a lot of white people talk exactly like that. Left v right with their four-points of “issues” they are allowed to have: abortion, gay, economy–yes or no, and more “public” money for Warfare or the Welfares. This is the extent and level of thoughts."
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"Hello Uresh,Can we imagine that the program could need less than the 2400 flight hours initially programmed (for the first type of engine) ? I remember an interview of a 787 flight test pilot, saying that they had scheduled 3 or 4 days for a specific test (don't remember which one it was), and finally they did it within 2 hours...So is it possible that the 2400 hours won't be required, or not at all ?Thanks in advance for your reply."
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"Jim Webb actually sent his son to a black-majority school, which is rare behaviour even for Southern whites. He definitely believes in the 'school of hard knocks'! But my impression is that most white Southern men definitely don't have the extreme fear of blacks that seems to prevail among middle and upper middle class white Northern men.BTW my wife used to live in Houston as a young woman with flatmates; the daily murder rate on the TV news was so high they used to play drinking games & morbid bets around it."
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