"another bug is related with the "new tab layout". since now there're also the bookmarks page, the arrows on left and on the right to switch between the pages must be reduced in height otherwise is impossible to browse the bookmark's folders"
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"Iglu je uzasne. Vcera sme boli v Chabroch na vystave a prislo mi, ze chodniky mate lepsie ocistene ako v Cimiciach. Tam je uplna brecka, na asfalt sa nikto neunuval to vycistit.I ked na chodenie s vozikom to urcite nie je nikde dobre :-("
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Messages du livre d'Or
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"Qualquer dia vão estar a pedir dinheiro ao Ditador Obiang, amigo unha com carne com a frente popular do PSOE, como fez outra necessitada organização da ONU."
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Messages du livre d'Or
"sooo beautiful!! can’t get enough of it… I have to ask…as an aspiring photographer…how do you get them to pose so beautifully? Do YOU pose them? Or are most of your photos them interacting naturally, and you happen to click the shutter at that moment? I’m guessing a mixture of both. I have a huge problem with being comfortable posing people, so I’m looking for a pointer or two! thanks love love love your work!"
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