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"You hit it on the head, Vince. Couldn’t agree more on all your points. Just saw ‘Prometheus’ on Blue Ray Saturday and was disappointed. Pointless storyline, cliché dialogue interspersed with so-called moments of horror and 2-dimensional characters. Moreover, the film plodded for over 45 minutes before anything substantive unfolds. This was all about visuals, and nothing more. I expected more than this mish-mosh…"
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"We will eagerly wait for Google to expand youtube partnership to Singapore.I do hope Google does give all countries an equal opportunity to benefit from this partnership.Meanwhile, I will brush up my video editing skills!"
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"Es la segunda receta que veo con la melaza de granada, queé te digo?, super interesante, curiosidad es la que siento.Adoro la pasta, gracias por la idea.Besos"
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